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Set a Goal for Completion  

Setting a goal for completion puts you in the driver’s seat of your journey through this course. Mark your calendar. Set aside about an hour to view each video, complete the test and evaluation, and reflect on how you will use this new information to set a personal goal.  After session 1, you may cut a few minutes off each session by double clicking to the 2:40 time on the slide progress bar to skip the introduction.  You can also skip the repeated closing statements. You can pause the presentation when needed. Following the web page course guide will aide you in completing each lesson.  It is best to watch at least 2 lessons per week to keep re-enforcing the information you are learning.  Set a schedule that is best for you.

Don’t Fret Over the Tests

Each video topic includes a short multiple choice test that must be taken to complete the session on your progress record.  If you find the tests difficult, it might help to review each test prior to watching the video.  Do not worry about your score. You can review the material and take the test again.  Our goal is to provide this course so that you can learn, and apply what you learn, to your everyday life.   

Keep the Focus:  Remember Why You are Taking this Course

Think about why you are taking this course and what you hope to accomplish. Is it to gain insight into your health or the health of someone else? Is it to have a better handle on managing your diabetes? Whatever the reason, keep that in mind as you work towards your personal goals!  

Extra Support from the AAHP Diabetes Team

Once you have completed at least 5 modules with scores of 70% or more, you may request an appointment with Dr. Ikenna Myers, MD/Health Educator; Linda Goldsholl, Registered Dietitian; or other AAHP staff to discuss your personal concerns. Health assessments and follow-up of weight, blood pressure and A1c can be done at the AAHP office or meet us at a class or community health screening event.  AAHP offers feel chronic disease management classes with whole food plant-based cooking demonstrations in the community. Click here for the calendar of classes.

Ask for Help if You Need It

Linda Goldsholl, RD at 240-777-1701

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