dMeetings takes a big leap forward with its new Content and Learning Management System for diabetes patients

Jacksonville, FL – September 28, 2017 – dMeetings LLC today announced the implementation of a Content and Learning Management System for their Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) web series. The system, designed to facilitate, manage and track learners or patients, provides complete functionality throughout the learning and educational journey of people living with diabetes. dMeetings – an online diabetes education, wellness, and support program – has been working towards the better education of diabetes patients, family members, caretakers, and healthcare professionals. 

The newly deployed learning system which is built with robust, future-proof software technology, promises to take diabetes education to the next level. The system helps make learning easy and fun while also providing the benefit of tracking the learners’ progress and retention of the information. Providing features such as unique branding, quiz and test administration, patient management and usage reporting, dMeetings' LMS is well positioned to serve a wide range of clients. 

From health care professionals such as practitioners, family, and primary care practices, endocrinologists and hospitals to pharmaceutical concerns, health plans and corporate wellness programs, the dMeetings Content and Learning Management System will provide critical patient education and learning oversight.

Organizations will now be able to administer diabetes education and easily track each individual’s learning progress by knowing exactly what, when and how much they have learned and retained over time. 

Talking about the new content and learning management system and future plans for dMeetings, Founder and CEO, Brand Bellingrath said, “There is much on the agenda and we are deeply committed to addressing the many facets of diabetes patient education and management. We are also excited about the opportunity we have in helping people just live better lives while reducing health care costs and increasing patient/employee productivity.” 

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